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  • Who's It For:
    Who's it for

    For unknown reasons, the number of people in the United States with kidney stones has been increasing over the past 30 years. In the late 1970s, less than 4 percent of the population had stone-forming disease.

  • What Causes Them:
    What Causes Them

    Kidney stones may form when the normal balance of water, salts, minerals, and other substances found in urine changes. How this balance changes determines the type of kidney stone you have.

  • Types Of Stones:
    Types Of Stones

    Calcium-containing stones. By far, the most common type of kidney stones worldwide contains calcium. For example, calcium-containing stones represent about 80% of all cases in the United States.

5 Step Process: The Ingredients in Vesipür Have Been Shown To Help

  • Relieve

    Helps relieve and soothe the pain associated with kidney stones.

  • Dissolve

    Helps dissolve the kidney stones by working on the surface of the stone.

  • Cleanse

    Helps cleanse the kidney and help pass the stone particles.

  • Protect

    Helps protect the urinary tract.

  • Prevent

    Helps prevent the formation of future kidney stones.

How Vesipür Works

How Vesipür works to minimize kidney stones naturally…
How it work

Vesipür is a synergistic blend of 8 clinically proven natural extracts formulated to help remedy your kidney stones safely and effectively by naturally dissolving them to alleviate pain and inhibit future kidney stones by impeding kidney stone formation.

Are Vesipür's ingredients safe and effective?

The all-natural ingredients in Vesipür have been shown to be safe and effective through clinical studies and have been recommended by healthcare professionals. Through specialized formulation, each ingredient's effects are uniquely combined to provide overall protection from kidney stones.

Do you or someone you know suffer from kidney stones?

Kidney stones are a painful disease caused by the accumulation of crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tracts. Normally urine contains chemicals that prevent or inhibit the formation of stones, however sometimes this process does not always work and some people's bodies form stones.

Why should kidney stones be treated properly?

Kidney stones are extremely painful and can impede your quality of life. Medical procedures such as extracorporeal shock wave lithoripsy (ESWL) can have complications such as bruising, discomfort in the back and abdomen, and may take multiple procedures to work effectively. Other more invasive surgeries such as Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and Ureteroscopic Stone Removal are invasive, and come with all the inherent dangers of surgery, and they both require hospital stays.

What causes kidney stones and how did I get them?

Kidney stones are one of the most painful urologic disorders, caused by an accumulation of crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tract. Normally, urine contains chemicals that prevent the crystals from forming; these chemicals are not naturally produced and kidney stones occur. Kidney stones are made up of various combinations of chemicals, the most common being calcium with oxalate or phosphate.

How it work
Why should you treat kidney stones naturally?

Most doctors focus on only removing the existing kidney stone and not preventing their reoccurrence. At best your doctor will put you on a course to limit certain foods and drinks and wait and see. The key is to provide your body with a safe and natural remedy that is free from harmful side-effects to quickly eliminate the source of kidney stones and effectively relieve urinary discomfort.

Relieving kidney stones naturally provides a comprehensive approach for overall protection:

A natural approach to the treatment of kidney stones will do more than just mask the symptoms and can eliminate the kidney stones much faster with less pain. The use of natural, herbal-based supplements, such as Vesipür, will help you get back to your daily routine by taking control of your health.


The all-natural ingredients in Vesipür have been shown to be safe and effective through clinical studies and have been recommended by healthcare professionals.

  • Ingredients

    Buchu Leaves :

    Buchu Leaves contain bioflavanoids to support your immune system to prevent infection. They have also been known to help with the treatment of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. It is also said to be a useful urinary antiseptic, providing relief particularly for burning during urination, and has diuretic properties.

  • Ingredients

    Stonebreaker (Phyllanthus Niruri) Leaves :

    Stonebreaker has been clinically proven to prevent the formation of kidney stones. It has been shown to interfere with many stages of stone formation, reducing crystals aggregation, modifying their structure and composition as well as altering the interaction of the crystals with tubular cells leading to reduced subsequent endocytosis. The clinical beneficial effects of Phyllanthus niruri may be related to ureteral relaxation, helping to eliminate calculi and reduce the excretion of urinary crystallization promoters such as calcium.

  • Ingredients

    Celery Seed Extract :

    Celery Seed extracts are used as a diuretic, increasing urine output to help rid the body of excess water. Its exceptional diuretic action not only promotes the flow of urine and uric acid excretions from the kidneys, helping to flush kidney stones and gravel, but its antiseptic properties ease urinary inflammation and benefits the overall health of the urinary tract.

  • Ingredients

    Uva Ursi Leaves :

    Uva ursi may reduce inflammation in the urinary tract due to infection and may soften kidney stones, according to the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. In addition, the herb's diuretic effects increase urine flow through the kidneys, which can dilute urine concentration and possibly prevent future stone development.

  • Ingredients

    Marshmallow root :

    Marshmallow root contains mucilages that soothe and protect tissues which become irritated and inflamed. These mucilages form a coating along the urinary tract to protect against damage from the passing kidney stone.

  • Ingredients

    Parsley Leaf Extract :

    Parsley is known as a natural diuretic, and the increased flow of fluids through the kidneys as urine production and output increases may have a cleansing effect on the kidneys as bacteria and germs are flushed out.

  • Ingredients

    Crataeva Nurvala Extract :

    Crataeva's active ingredient is believed to be Lupeol, a powerful alkaloid. Lupeol is widely used to treat urinary disorders, including kidney stones. Laboratory research has verified Lupeol's capacity to prevent the formation of kidney stones, apparently by lowering excess concentrations of oxalate, phosphorus and magnesium in renal tissue.

  • Ingredients

    Shilajit(Aspheltum) Bituminousi Mineral :

    Shilajit assists in toning up of kidneys and urinary bladder thereby is really powerful in eradicating any troubles in pertaining to the excretory program. It is one particular of the finest diuretic agent hand hence is beneficial in expelling out the toxins from the physique and also tones up the kidneys.

Success Stories

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Wendy Z

The all-natural ingredients in Vesipür have been shown to be safe and effective through clinical studies and have been recommended by healthcare professionals.

  • I am Stacy G., living in Brickell, Florida and was diagnosed with Kidney Stones in March, 2012, after going to the ER for severe pain in my back point of not being able to walk at all and so severe that it was physically making me sick. My mother was an herbalist as am I and natural remedies are just about the only thing that helps me with anything. I trust herbs. The ER doctor did not know what was going on, and I went to my regular doctor who told me I had Kidney Stones and prescribed a pain med. This particular med I took for 30 days, but it caused severe side effects. I did some Kidney Stone research and came across a natural remedy, Vesipür, read the testimonies and decided to give it a try as I have already used some of the ingredients listed and new they worked. I took Vesipür for 30 days and after the first week I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt and the pain levels were completely gone from debilitating to walking again. Vesipür definitely does what it says it will do and is now a very important part of my Kidney Stone treatment. I definitely don't want to be without it ever again. I have recommended this product to several people who suffer with Kidney Stones and will keep recommending it. Thank you, Vesipür and PurMEDICA!

  • My family has a history Kidney Stones. So it was no surprise when I had my first kidney stones around Christmas of 2010. I went to the doctor, and he didn't prescribe anything for kidney stones, but put me on a prescription drug to help reduce the pain. I had a very bad reaction to that, and realized I wanted to find natural remedies to fight this problem. I found good information on a variety of supplements and used them throughout the year, but still had several kidney stones. Late in 2011, I learned about Vesipür and immediately ordered a three-month supply. (I wanted to give it a 90-day trial before committing to auto-ship). The results were fantastic. I have not had a kidney stone since I began taking Vesipür. Seeing that my 90-day supply was dwindling, I signed up for auto-ship yesterday. When given the option of taking a drug for the rest of my life, or taking a natural product, the choice was a no-brainer for me. I'm taking Vesipür!

  • Vesipür has indeed been a blessing for me. A double blessing, because there is no side effects – for this is the very reason I suffer from Kidney Stones, in the first place!!! I am only on my second bottle of Vesipür and am thrilled that I am not bothered by this Kidney Stone pain in my back, any more. What a miracle!!! I can tell you it surely did work for me and I am so thankful to now be able to sleep peacefully without pain medication!!! I surely hope that it will also work for you.

  • I just received the third bottle of Vesipür you sent me and I am pleased to inform you that my pains caused by my Kidney Stones has already disappeared with the last two bottles. Thank you for your effective medicine.

  • I ordered your product (Vesipür) for my son who was in such agony because of his kidney stones. He's the type of guy who refuses to go to the doctor or take medicine. I just couldn't stand to see him suffer anymore so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Once my order arrived I finally convinced Michael to try your product. We are amazed! Within a few days Michael was walking around like nothing was wrong. I personally cannot thank you enough for your help and I know Michael feels the same. What a miracle pill you have! Thank you.

  • I use Vesipür daily and couldn't be more pleased with this product. I've never been one to eat as well as I should but my diet isn't horrible. With your product I'm able to eat and drink what I want without having to worry about getting kidney stones. I'm always on the go and can't afford to be slowed down by kidney stones. As long as I'm taking my daily dosage I can rest assured that I won't have another stone. I've already told two of my coworkers who suffer from kidney stones about your product. They just started taking it and are already feeling a difference!

***Vesipür is not for everyone, and as with any nutritional supplement, results may vary from person to person.***

Our Guarantee

If You're Not Completely Satisfied with Your Results We Will Give You Your Money Back!

Vesipür has been scientifically formulated by healthcare professionals for two reasons—getting to the root of what causes kidney stone formation, and helping you find relief from kidney stones. We are so confident that we have developed the best natural kidney stone treatment that we have decided to back it with our 90 day money back guarantee.

Put Vesipür and our guarantee to the test by trying it today. All we ask is that you give Vesipür a fair shot and try it for 30 days. If it doesn't provide you relief from all your kidney stone symptoms, we will refund your money. No hassles, no questions, no exceptions—just your money back!

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We are an industry leader in kidney stones medication and nutraceutical development.
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We recognize you are here because you have choices. Here at PürMEDICA we are about expanding your choices by providing an alternative solution to your health care needs.

PürMEDICA Nutritional Science has a select line of nutraceutical products that set new standards within the industry for effectiveness, safety, and consistency. Our balanced approach to health and wellness combines the wisdom of nature with the power of science by integrating the advantages of both orthodox and alternative medicine.

From the start, our mission has been to enhance the physical wellbeing of our clients by offering superior natural supplements that are both safe and highly effective. We are committed to promoting our products in an accurate, honest, and helpful manner.

When you order from us, you can rest assured that you are purchasing from one of the most trusted names in natural kidney stone treatment.

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